Poems by Julia Giesen


My mind is as foggy as my village’s valleys,
My heart on fire like the Easter fires on my way up north, on the passenger seat the flowers you gave me before I left.
I cannot stay any longer in these narrow alleys.
The firewood’s smell sticks in my nose like your perfume,
My self esteem higher than the column of smoke rising up into the sky.
My soul as free as the gooses flying above my car.
The destination is not what you may presume.
Never to return doesn’t seem too bad.
I can’t think clear and I think
I like that.

Peonies in June

I will bloom with grace
Like the pink peony in my garden that I nourish.
Not right away in the first place,
But after a while on a hot summers day I’ll flourish.
Never again may I be shattered
I’ll blow so bright, past all recognition
My petals may seem scattered
But I’m growing with blind ambition.
I took me years to understand
Putting my faith in natures hand
Is the only way for me to grow
And finally I’m letting everything else go…

Cohen and Del Rey

You’ve taken away all my Cohen and Del Rey
and left me in the stove beside Plath

My home, my safe place 

The night was warm and everything was calm
Until you came in.
I’ve screamed, I’ve whispered, I’ve begged you “no”
But all of that didn’t convince you to go.
It only made your desire grow more and more and more and more.
Suddenly your love was not as it was before.
I’ve tried to close my eyes but all I could see was you.
My mind turned into a black hole,
swallowing up each kind of emotion while you took over the control
And the only colour being left in my life at this moment was blue.


Oh Aphrodite,
Beautiful daughter of the sea.
Golden curls,
Precious pearls,
White linen on your skin
Prettier than anyone has ever been.

Oh Aphrodite,
Perfection of beauty.
Wide hips,
Juicy lips,
Your curves so tempting
That everyone is staring.

Oh Aphrodite,
Look at me.
Seductive eyes,
Bonding ties,
With an insatiable desire
Burning like the hottest fire.

Oh Aphrodite,
Whisper to me slightly
And I’ll be on my way
Even though I know you won’t stay.

Author bio: Julia Giesen is studying special needs education at the UDE. Writing short poems has been her passion since her final years in Gymnasium. She is particularly inspired and impressed by the melancholy of the Romantic era.