To a friend

By Friederike Felderhoff

Having a chance
To enjoy the dance
And spend time with ye
‘cause when you’re with friends,
You’re in glad company

Is there
Something better to do
Than at a place
Where you try something new

With someone beside you
Who gives and takes too

Eternal Lovers

By Friederike Felderhoff

You are the one
I’m lit for
You are the one
I need
You are the one
to take over –
but I am the one
in the lead.

We stay together
Each moment
We stay together –
we kiss
we stay together
we stay together
in bliss

You are so dark
While I’m bright
In being divided –
We’re one
You are my lover
The Shadow –
I am your lover.
The Sun

Embracing Sparks

By Friederike Felderhoff

Only the pieces of a puzzle
Words –
Phrases and ideas
Places formed
In the back of my mind
Where they were lingering for years
With new approaches
And inspirations
Now come together
To form a story


By Katharina Kalus

By the time I stepped outside,
the leaves were on fire.
The sky—a glowing red,
matched my heart of desire.

Beware of bewitched wilderness,
longing for every breath of air.
Beware of bold blindness,
for it will leave nothing but fear.

Blissfully, the time flew by,
for light flickered and faded.
The sky—a burning red,
as a heart of desire deflated.

To S.

By Marlene Bechtold

Today marks 5 years that you are gone
I wonder if we would still be friends or if we would have grown apart
We probably would have
But you would have graduated
You would have started a job you like
You would have met someone
And I wish I could see you doing that from far away
instead of standing in front of your grave on this day every year,
telling you the same stories over and over and feeling 17 again instead of 22
and realizing that we grew up without you.

25/01/18 – 5.23pm

By Marlene Bechtold

It is a shame
we are wasting our time
on money, business meetings
and traffic
while the world is slowly dying
and time is not real
success is just illusion
to make us believe
this world was made for us
to conquer.