LAST WORD: Coming-Down-With-Covid-Chicken Soup

By Melissa Knox-Raab

Freshly boiled Chicken Soup

I am reprinting a favorite recipe of mine here: Coming-Down-With-Covid-Chicken Soup

It’s probably just a cold–tested negative. But this soup is delicious, inexpensive to make (about eleven euros for at least ten servings) and filled with flavor. 

I took one important hint from Martha Stewart: start by putting the chicken in cold water. I didn’t take her other piece of advice, which is to add a tablespoon of salt. Forget that. Start very simply: a large Dutch oven–I used my trusty Le Creuset. You will need:

  • One pack of chicken wings or drumsticks–or if you want to get fancy, what Germans call a “soup hen.”
  • One pack of “Suppengrün” (800 grams) which typically comes with a big hunk of celery root, three or four carrots, a leek or two, and fresh parsley.
  • Garlic, fresh, lots
  • Ginger – to taste, fresh
  • A red onion or two
  • Turmeric – fresh or powdered
  • A strip (about eight inches) of Kelp (available in most stores selling Asian food products)
  • Olive oil
  • Dry vegetable broth

The recipe:

Remove the chicken wings from package and place them in the Dutch oven. Fill almost to top with water, cover, and set on stove to boil.

Slice the red onions, the garlic, the leeks and the ginger and sautée them in olive oil. Set aside. Rinse the celery root, carrots, parsley. Slice but do not yet add.

Check the chicken broth. After 20-30 minutes, scum will appear–take a small sieve, skim it off. Rinse the sieve and skim again. Cover chicken and let simmer around fifteen minutes more. Skim again. 

Add turmeric, leeks, ginger, red onions, garlic. Stir. Let simmer around fifteen minutes. 

Add all except the parsley. Allow to simmer till the carrots are soft. Stir. Taste. Add vegetable broth–to taste. I used two tablespoons full. 

Add parsley. Stir. Consume! The chicken will be falling off the bones. You will feel much better.

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