Vol. 1, No. 1

Welcome to the first issue of Diamonds in the Rough. This issue showcases the talents of the following first-year students in the BA program: Tom Akehurst, Svenja Krautwald, David Kretschmann, Oliver Otte, and Jule Windeler. The writing of tutors Fabian Gro├čeloser, Julia Machtenberg and Tana-Julie Drewitz also appears, plus some recipes from Melissa Knox-Raab. 

Please click on the links for the respective texts. We wish you an enjoyable read.


From Novel to Screenplay: Harry Potter, Arrival and the Impossible Adaption (by Tom Akehurst)

Juggling Between Menial Labour and University Life (by Svenja Krautwald)

That’s Not Art (by David Kretschmann)

The Sad Truth – Sometimes Fish Need Bicycles (by Oliver Otte)

“Gangsta Rap”: Songs about Quintessential American Values (by Fabian Gro├čeloser)

Processing Trauma Through Art (by Julia Machtenberg)

Bird Box – Does the Movie Deserve the Criticism? (by Jule Windeler)


Watching Over You (by Jule Windeler)

Exodus (by David Kretschmann)


Impact (by Tana-Julie Drewitz)


Easy-Peasy Recipes from the Knox-Raab Kitchen