Vol. 3, No. 1

Our Winter, 2021 issue explores the paradox of home, in pandemic times a refuge as well as a prison. Feeling at home with oneself, one’s body, one’s culture, one’s ethnicity—or feeling like an outcast—is the common thread binding these essays together. Ranging from Harry Styles’ Vogue ballgown shoot to German-American differences in university education, student essays explore experiences with racism, sexism, and homophobia. We are also proudly presenting artistic responses to COVID, including a rapturous sunset, an art exhibit, and a poem. Expect humor, too.

Individuen. By Anastasia Glaser (2019)


Get Rid Of Manly Men (By Smilla Batteux)

Moving Out During a Pandemic and Why It Is the Best Thing That Happened To Me (By Helena Wagner)

Different Investments, Better Results: Comparing American and German University Experiences (By Nicole Feyerherm)

Please Don’t Mistake My Kindness for Flirtation (By Katharina Kalus)

Rubyfruit Jungle: Binary Gender and Homosexual Relationships (By Anja Ende)

Germans Do Not Love Asian Food: Explained! (By Long Do Hoang)

Making A Place Feel Like Home (By Linda Baron)

It Leads Me Home, this Winding Road (By Julia K)

On Coming Home, Finally (By Anastasia Glaser)

The Moments That Made Me Realize How Diverse Our World Is (By Long Do Hoang)

Gutter To The Stars (By Anna-Lena Plett)

Raise Your Voice Against Racism (By Hilal Sarikaya)

What Do Social Media and the Sky Have in Common? (By Büsra Özgül)

War on Facts (By Jana Eismann)


fire (By Katharina Kalus)

Art Exhibit

A New Coat of Paint on this Locked Down Town, or Why You Should Draw on Walls (By Anastasia Glaser)

Last Word (By Melissa Knox-Raab)

Between the Bars. By Anastasia Glaser (2020)

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