Vol. 3, No. 2

Our Summer 2021 issue of Diamonds in the Rough provides pragmatic solutions. Advice about how to write your first song in the key of C Major, insights into sexism in politics, the advantages and disadvantages of unusual upbringings, reasons to listen to music, what menstruation means to the uterus, a wonderful recipe revealed by a less than wonderful relative, and an invitation to enjoy Anglophone Studies and Philosophy are among our topics. We offer thrills, too, in the form of an action-packed suspense story. Poetry and stunning art round out this issue.


Why One Should Wear A Mask (By Neele Völker)

Alone With My Mum (By Mara Kunert)

Cheryl Strayed’s Independence and The Pacific Crest Trail (By Vanessa Titz)

Women in Politics: An Uphill Battle (By Jana Eismann)

Why I Won’t Be a Bog-Standard Parent (By Freya Pauluschke)

Why I Write (By Maria Kaserer)

How to Write Your First Song in the Key of C Major (By Joel Weckermann)

Why Listen to Music? (By Elisa John)

A Quiet Place – A Movie to Fall Asleep to (By Nadine Koch)

Full-Time Philosopher or Future Cab Driver? (By Jule Windeler)

When the Uterus Cleans up After a Failed Surprise Party (By Katharina Kalus)


Sleeping Town (By Celina Marie Köhring)

Four Illustrations (By Freya Pauluschke)

Short Story

Persecution (By Tristan Schartel)


To a Friend (By Friederike Felderhoff)

Eternal Lovers (By Friederike Felderhoff)

Embracing Sparks (By Friederike Felderhoff)


Aunt Marga’s Cherry Cake (By Elisa John)

Recipes for Aspiring Writers (By Melissa Knox-Raab)

Editor: Melissa Knox-Raab teaches North American Literature and Culture at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Read more of her writing here: https://melissaknox.com

Web Design: Stefan Dierkes received his M.A. at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Anglophone Studies.