Vol. 4, No. 1

Our latest issue of Diamonds in the Rough provides reflections on loss; all essays are tinged with restrictions on freedom and the infliction of uncertainty exaggerated by the pandemic. Our overall theme is perseverance: determination, grace under pressure, and humor characterize the student work included here on themes ranging from death as an Uber ride to a better place to preparing children for the worst, judging jokes that haven’t aged well, relinquishing childhood securities to become an adult, learning from literature how to live and how to die, determination in the face of adversity. There’s also joy: on listening to Taylor Swift and the necessity of the arts, especially in trying times.

This issue provides a photo by Tina Wolf, author of an essay and a defense of the arts as well as a range of art works by Kat, also known as Ann-Katrin Loosen, who has also provided a short story on Wanderlust—and feeling glued in place.

Credit: Tina Wolf


The Problem with Friends and Jokes That Did Not Age Well (By Christina Brauer)

Death Is but an Uber Ride to a Better Place (By Adriana Pawlik)

On Becoming an Adult (By Tina Wolf)

The Fortunes of Reading Literature (By Ronja Iding)

Prepare Kids for the Worst (By Corinna Schroll)

Showcasing the Brilliance of Taylor Swift’s Storytelling – A Snippet of “champagne problems” (By Katja Kramer)

Let’s Keep a Light on for the Arts (By Tina Wolf)

Determination – The Key to Reaching Your Goal (By Evelin Edel)

On Separating the Artist from the Work (By Léa Michaud)


Collection by Kat

Short Stories

Wanderlust or How I Feel Glued to My Place (By Ann-Katrin van Loosen)

Last Word

Three Tips for Handling Pandemic Doldrums (By Melissa Knox-Raab)

Editor: Melissa Knox-Raab teaches North American Literature and Culture at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Read more of her writing here: https://melissaknox.com

Web Design: Christine Vennemann studies Cultural Studies and Business Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen.