Vol. 4 No. 2

This issue of Diamonds in the Rough is concerned with social justice and the urgent need to speak one’s mind. Essays cover important political issues like abortion and women’s rights, gay rights, free speech and free thought when democracies are increasingly at risk. We also have some light-hearted writing—an essay on not being a duck—and a critique of a TV series, One Tree Hill. I’m happy to say we have some wonderful art work as well—a series on beer bottles with commentary: “Beer Stories,” and four paintings. As a last word, I’m reprinting a favorite “Coming Down with Covid” chicken soup; you don’t have to endure Covid to like it. Enjoy!


Don’t Say the G-Word (By Corinna Schroll)

Why I am Not a Duck (By Ann-Katrin van Loosen)

Why I Write (By Ronja Iding)

Why I Write (By Katja Budich)

Why I Write (By Beyza Yildiz)

The Vicious Circle in Women’s Football (By Christina Brauer)

Why Watch One Tree Hill? (By Katja Kramer)

Abortion in Danger (By Laurine Viel)

Caledonia Dreaming (By Martina Wolf)

Photo Series

Beer Stories (By Selina Ly)


Paintings by Freya Pauluschke

Last Word

Coming-Down-With-Covid-Chicken-Soup (By Melissa Knox-Raab)

Editor: Melissa Knox-Raab teaches North American Literature and Culture at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Read more of her writing here: https://melissaknox.com

Web Design: Christine Vennemann studies Cultural Studies and Business Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen.