Vol. 5 No. 1

Our Winter 2023 issue is a contemplative one, filled with explorations of states of mind, of motivations, of cultural and social pressures, of human motivation, and of personal success. Rich in poetry, we’ve included a short story, many essays, some illustrations and some recipes. We hope you enjoy our work!


Raidat: A New Women’s Network (By Tamara Al Khaled)

How to Make Macarons – And How Not to (By Christina Brauer)

Ears Ringing (By Luca Gerke)

Once the Splendor Is All Gone… What Else Is Left? (By Katja Kramer)

Are Americans really that stupid? On cultural differences and the danger of stereotypes (By Marisa Laios)

The Absurdity of Pressure (By Ronja Iding)

Why I Am Not a Mountaineer (By Corinna Schroll)

Two Balloons and a (not so) Cold-Hearted Asshole (By Jule Windeler)

Summer Memories (By Martina Wolf)

Spilling the Tea (By Zohra)

Short Story

Oblivion (By Katja Kramer)


As the clock strikes 12 (By Jumana Fakhar)

These opium dreams (By Jumana Fakhar)

Hurtsickles (By Julia Giesen)

Sunflowers (By Julia Giesen)

The art of broken hearts (By Julia Giesen)

Your book (By Julia Giesen)

Don’t try (By Chantal Kamphausen)

Letter Word Poetry: Famous Couples (By Victoria L. Koch)

Loki: Eternal Prince (By Victoria L. Koch)

Time (By Victoria L. Koch)

i killed myself (By Mio Kyiek)

Happy prevails sad (By Kavin Pandya)

When I saw her (By Bharat Sharma)


Fantastic Fall Recipe (and so easy) (By Melissa Knox-Raab)

Editor: Melissa Knox-Raab teaches North American Literature and Culture at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Read more of her writing here: https://melissaknox.com

Final Layout: Katja Kramer

Web Design: Corinna Schroll

Editorial board: Christina Brauer, Ronja Iding, Katja Kramer, Corinna Schroll, Martina Wolf, Zohra Hassan-Pieper.